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The concept of death is a tough subject that many of us would prefer to avoid as long as possible. It is stressful to think about planning ahead in this manner, however, Estate Planning can also help provide you and your loved ones with a sigh of relief knowing certain aspects are already tended to and organized. Just like you would utilize a contract to secure a purchase of a car or home, Estate Planning can provide tools to secure your legacy now and in the future. 

A customized Estate Plan can help you maintain control over who your assets get awarded to, when they are awarded, and how they are awarded. For example, you can ensure that your children receive all of your money, but only after they turn 25 years old.  Estate Planning can also provide legal tools that allow your loved ones to make decisions on your behalf should you ever become unable to make those decisions yourself.​

Estate Planning is not just an important retirement planning tool. It is a comprehensive tool for helping you prepare for the unforeseen, including protections for minor children, planning for your own potential incapacity, considerations for loved ones, pets and much more! Estate Planning tools help you protect a beneficiary’s assets against creditors and provide for probate avoidance, which can be expensive and time consuming. Provisions can be made to help you protect your legacy. 

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Estate Planning 

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